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Are you looking to get clear insight on what’s going on below the surface when you are designing or constructing projects like infrastructure so you can make well informed decisions in a timely manner?

Insitu Test is Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island’s innovative field test equipment specialist for geotechnics, earthworks and pavements. We also provide Intelligent Compaction implementation advice and support to our clients.

Our focus is being knowledgeable, super responsive and flexible, and excellent at facilitating connections within our extensive network.

We thrive on adding value to our clients, whether it be bringing them new business, connecting them with expertise they need or just keeping them up to date with what is happening elsewhere in their own organisation or within their industry.

Insitu Test has excellent connections and contacts in the geotechnical industry, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Join our online geotechnical community on LinkedIn and become involved in relevant geotechnical, asphalt and concrete discussion groups.

Our purpose is: Helping people move forward with confidence.

Insitu Test are an aspiring B Corp, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit, leading the way in using business as a force for good. B Corporations, or B Corps, make decisions that make a positive impact across their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Field Test Equipment

Our innovative products are used for soil investigation, compaction control, pavement rehabilitation, ground investigation, site characterisation, geotechnical drilling, and insitu non destructive testing (NDT) of asphalt and concrete.

Our products enable better field-testing outcomes compared to the current traditional methods (faster, more accurate, more representative, providing better insight, without errors, immediate GPS located results that are visually presented, more cost effective etc). Our specialisation is field test equipment with the following:

  • Focusing on measuring the fundamental design parameters in the field (comparing like with like)
  • High levels of repeatability
  • Non destructive field testing (overcoming damage and rectification costs and subsequent issues – think key hole surgery vs open heart surgery)
  • Equipment is instrumented (data is automatically and accurately recorded)
  • Results are machine produced (overcoming manual data recording, transposition or calculation errors and fictitious results)
  • GPS located (you know where every test is done)
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced time to test and get results (results are typically available real time so decisions can be made straight away)
  • Efficient operation (typically one person operation)

Insitu Test work closely with the test equipment manufacturers to service our clients effectively. Our role is to:

We also have a limited range of equipment available for rental or hire.

The test equipment manufacturers we are partnered with include:

Zorn InstrumentsAnix GmbH

The team at Insitu Test have been supplying and supporting the geotechnical, earthworks and pavement industry since 2005. The company is based in Albert Park in Victoria, Australia.