You need to ensure asphalt pavement is laid to specification and an important part of this is that the asphalt thickness in known and the depth is uniform. Also, most likely once your Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement has been laid, you need to open the road again to traffic as soon as possible. Our test equipment enables you to determine these things and get immediate results. Both tests are non destructive tests (NDT).


MIT-SCAN-T3 Asphalt Thickness Test

This device is for the non-destructive determination of the asphalt thickness or asphalt depth for pavements, layer by layer, according to EN 12697-36:2003 (Hot Mix Asphalt – HMA).

Zorn AT 3000 GPS Asphalt Stiffness Test

The Asphalt Stiffness Test is designed to measure the stiffness of freshly paved Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) layers following roller compaction so the road can be re-opened to traffic as soon as possible.