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One of the most important and transformative research projects for compaction control is underway in Australia.

The acceptance of earthwork and unbound pavement construction currently relies on density testing and CBRs for Quality Assurance (QA).

Though its National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACoE) research program, Queensland Main Roads has sponsored a multi-year Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) research project to update test methods acceptable for use for QA of pavement and subgrade materials. A state-of-the-industry study was completed in 2017 which identified a number test methods that have the potential to:

(a) reliably provide a direct measure of the strength or insitu modulus value; and

(b) offer significant time savings in turnaround time of QA test results.

The methods including Light Weight Deflectometer’s (LWD’s), PANDA Instrumented DCP, Clegg Hammer, DCP and Plate Load Testing (PLT). Specifically, the devices evaluated included the Zorn Light Weight Deflectometer, the Anix Instrumented Plate Load Test and PANDA Instrumented DCP.

This study was followed up with practical field trials of the equipment.

To share knowledge from this project, a series of webinars and reports will be prepared as the project progresses and these will be posted here, collating all the valuable insights in one place.

NACOE Advanced methods for compaction quality control 2018 June Webinar – Part 1

Best Practice in Compaction QA for Pavement and Subgrade Materials Year 1 Report Jeffrey Lee, David Lacey & Burk Look NACOE P60 QLD DTMR, Australia Aug 2017
NACOE Advanced Methods for Compaction Quality Control – June 2018 Webinar – Part 1 (Webinar Slides)