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Phone: +61 (0) 3 9445 9155

Office Address: 65 Bevan St,
Albert Park, VIC 3206, Australia

Mail / Post: PO Box 141,
Albert Park, VIC 3206, Australia

Serving clients in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

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Robin Power
Mobile: +61 (0)404 114 751

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What our clients say:

Insitu Test imports, sells and services, unique geotech equipment that has proved of great benefit to those who use it. It has a particularly beneficial role to play for those compacting soil in infrastructure projects.


Earthmover and Civil Contractor

Insitu Test is our partner overseas for our test equipment. Ask them for a presentation or training for our products. I am sure you will be satisfied. They are a reliable and very kindly partner.


Anix GmbH

I have known the team from Insitu Test for over ten years. Their professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm for their work is outstanding and I am pleased to recommend them.


Geotechnical Engineering