PANDITO Ultra-light Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Overview

PANDITO Ultra-light Dynamic Cone Penetrometer DCP self controlThe PANDITO Ultra-light Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is a simple to use layer by layer compaction control device. It is typically used by the operator, who has just compacted a layer of material, as a self control device to immediately test the compaction quality.

The PANDITO DCP is suited for layers up to a maximum of 50 cm thickness, the typical maximum compaction depth able to be compacted with classical compactors. The results are presented as Cone Tip Resistance qd (MPa) or California Bearing Ratio (CBR) index. The PANDITO is suitable for use on fine or coarse soils (clay, silt, sand, gravels etc) with a grain size up to 50 mm. The resistances to cone penetration (qd) are limited to 30 to 40 MPa (from 35 to 45 blows per 10 cm).

This self control test can be done by onsite field staff as the PANDITO DCP is extremely simple to use and interpret. This mean that on-site decisions can be made immediately, rather than waiting for the final test using a normalised technique like the nuclear gauge / densitometer to identify and rectify compaction issues.

Data is captured and presented using the Excel® based software for results entry, calculation and printing / reports. The results are presented as Number of Blows, Cone Tip Resistance qd (MPa) or California Bearing Ratio (CBR) index.

To interpret the results, the number of blows required to drive the cone in by 10 cm is compared to a reference value that takes into account the type of soil (soil classification), its water content and the required compaction quality (% Optimum Proctor Normal (%OPN) or % Optimum Proctor Modified (%OPM)).

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Some application examples for the PANDITO from Sol Solution include establishing:

  • whether to keep dirt roads and tracks open (in the rainy season, when its wet or with other difficult conditions), to prevent excessive road damage
    and vehicles getting stuck or bogged
  • whether to keep un-surfaced runways and taxiways open or not
  • whether a trench is backfilled and correctly compacted

If you are interested in a full instrumented Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP), the PANDA Instrumented Variable Energy DCP may suit your needs.