GRIZZLY® Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) and Drilling Rig Overview

GRIZZLY Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) Side with Drilling Head, Auger, SPT Sampling, Window sampling and Windowless samplingThe GRIZZLY® Instrumented Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) is a constant energy heavyweight dynamic cone penetrometer is used to measure the in-situ strength of fine- grained and granular subgrades, base and sub base materials, and weakly cemented materials.

Depths of 10-15m or more can be achieved, depending on the soil type.

GRIZZLY® data is downloaded to WebSprint©, the cloud based software for storing, processing and interpreting your geotechnical data.

Soil Investigation 

Site characterisation is unarguably the most important, but also most “difficult”, component of geo-engineering. The GRIZZLY® is designed to improve the quality of site characterisation and reduce the difficulties involved.

The GRIZZLY® meets NF P94-115 – Soil investigation and trials – Type B sounding with a dynamic cone penetrometer and EN ISO 22476-2 – Geotechnical engineering – Field testing – Part 2: Dynamic probing – DPSH-B.

Demountable GRIZZLY DPSH Onboard Analysis Software CaseThe GRIZZLY® DPSH compares favourably with Cone Penetration Test (CPT) because it can test in materials that you cannot test with a CPT (e.g. course gravels) and does not have high cost wearing parts (like CPT sensors and their calibration).

A geological profile (database available) can be associated with the penetrogram, giving a pictorial representation of the geology and stiffness of the ground.

The GRIZZLY DPSH is good at measuring the interface between hard and soft “pathogenic” zones which are of great interest to geo-technicians.

Attachments available include a geotechnical drilling head and auger (diameter 63 mm) for soil investigation at depth, window sampling and windowless sampling and a Standard Penetration Test (SPT) core sampler.

Compaction Control

GRIZZLY DPSH Dynamic Probe Super Heavy Compaction Control Penetrogram for Presentation

The GRIZZLY® is used to monitoring layer thickness, and to assess compaction homogeneity. It’s also used for layer identification.

Now you can see real time when doing the test if your material meets the compaction specification or not.

An integrated compaction control database for various soil types is used where the measurement of the driving depth (mm) and cone tip resistance (qd) is compared to a database based on the type of soil (soil classification), its water content and the required compaction quality (%OPN or OPM).

The related pre-calibrated reference and refusal lines, when compared to the test data, allow an assessment of the quality of the compaction to be made.

The database of more than 2500 data points is catalogued in terms of plasticity, grain size distribution, water content, and level of compaction for both natural and artificial (crushed gravels) material types. Anomalies calculation is done automatically with the embedded GRIZZLY®WIN software.

The GRIZZLY® DPSH meets NF P94-063 – Compaction quality control – Constant energy dynamic penetrometer method.


The advantages of the GRIZZLY® Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) include:

  • Dynamic Probing Super Heavy DPSH GRIZZLYFaster
    • Provides immediate results so that on-site decisions can be made straight away.
    • Fast to setup once you have arrived on-site (10 mins) and complete a test (5 mins) per test typical with results viewable on site.
  • Without errors
    • Equipment is instrumented (data is automatically and accurately recorded)
    • Results are machine produced (overcoming manual data recording, transposition or calculation errors and fictitious results)
    • Improved data flow and integrity
    • Data export using a USB key enables further interpretation; analysis and presentation using the cloud based WebSprint©
  • DPSH Dynamic Probing Super Heavy Soil Investigation Penetrogram 11m with Geology Profile for PresentationGPS located and time stamped – know where and when every test is done
  • Visually presented results
    • Graphical representation of the data (penetrogram) on the on-screen display, potting depth and cone tip resistance (qd) and your compaction control specification (reference and refusal lines)
  • Improved safety
    • To eliminate the need walk directly behind the GRIZZLY in travelling mode, a remote wire controller allows the operator to be significantly distanced from the GRIZZLY, whilst the rig is in motion.
    • Versatile rubber tracked lightweight rig with a low centre of gravity, due to low height and tread width that matches the maximum width, provides the rig with great stability on difficult terrain and enables access to most site locations.
    • Integrated support plate for better stability during penetration, extraction and drilling.
  • Cost effective
  • Compact highly capable DPSH rig
    • Integrated powerful 11 tonnes hydraulic rod extractor
    • Hydraulic vertical and lateral pole adjustment – allowing for slopes or inclinations of 25° longitudinally and 20° laterally.
    • Good in challenging conditions, like limited physical space (e.g. buildings to be demolished), or difficult access (e.g. interior courtyards, hanging terraces, mountainous areas with no access route etc.)
      • Dimensions in transport mode (L 1.86m x W 0.89m x H 1.23m)
      • Weight of the GRIZZLY®(~850kg) facilitates its transport by crane, earthmoving machine or helicopter.
    • GRIZZLY® can easily be loaded in a commercial vehicle for transport (no need to have a specific driver’s licence)

GRIZZLY DPSH Dynamic Probing Super Heavy Compaction Control PenetrogramGRIZZLY DPSH Dynamic Probe Super Heavy Penetrogram N20DPSH Dynamic Probing Super Heavy Soil Investigation Penetrogram with Geology Profile


Applications using the GRIZZLY® Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) constant energy heavyweight dynamic cone penetrometer method include:

  • Soil investigation studies (buildings, houses, foundations, towers, platforms etc)
  • Site preparation works (roads, pipes etc)
  • Geotechnical diagnostics evaluations (subsidence, slope stability)
  • Inaccessible sites (slopes, rough terrain etc).

GRIZZLY Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) Travelling Mode with Drilling Head, Auger, SPT Sampling, Window sampling and Windowless samplingClients include those involved in pavement construction, pavement rehabilitation and investigation, material testing, site classification, soil investigation, site investigation, compaction control, geotechnical testing and geotechnical drilling. They include road authorities, councils, asset managers, mines, mobile crane operations, engineering and construction groups, subcontractors, geotechnical consultancies and research organisations.

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