GRIZZLY DPSH and SPT Technical Standards

The use of GRIZZLY for dynamic probing and SPT complies with several standards and regulatory requirements including:

NF P94-063 – Compaction quality control – Constant energy dynamic penetrometer method
NF P94-115 – Soil investigation and trials – Type B sounding with a dynamic cone penetrometer
NF P94-116 – Soil investigation and trials – Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
EN ISO 22476-2 – Geotechnical engineering – Field testing – Part 2: Dynamic probing – DPSH-B

Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH): test representing the upper end of the mass range of dynamic equipment

Scope: ISO 22476-2:2005 specifies requirements for indirect investigations of soil by dynamic probing within the scope of the geotechnical investigations according to prEN 1997.

EN ISO 22476-2 2002 Geotechnical investigation and testing – Field testing – Part 2 – Dynamic probing