Intelligent Compaction Advice & Implementation Support

Rollers fitted with Intelligent Compaction technology are used for granular soils, cohesive soils, aggregate bases and subbase and asphalt materials. You can find out more about Intelligent Compaction here.

Intelligent Compaction allows for the direct link between pavement design parameters (modulus), compaction (stiffness / modulus indication) and testing (field and laboratory). Our expertise covers all these areas, which is unique in Australia and New Zealand.

To best support our clients with Intelligent Compaction implementation, Insitu Test have partnered with world leaders in Intelligent Compaction, The Transtec Group (USA). Further, through our global network, we benefit from strong technical relationships with roller OEM’s, Intelligent Compaction retrofit kit OEM’s and OEM in country distribution partners / vendors.

Dr. George Chang is a world leader in Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies and team lead of the The Transtec Group’s Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center in the USA. Since 2007, Dr. Chang has led the national IC implementation efforts in the US and founded the International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group for worldwide promotion of innovative construction technologies.

Veta Software for Intelligent Compaction The Transtec Group

The Transtec Group is also the developer of the one-stop-shop Intelligent Compaction website and Veta, the IC industry standard map-based tool for viewing and analyzing geospatial data.

Veta can import data from various IC systems to perform editing, data layering, point testing, and analysis. Veta displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps.

Insitu Test provides Intelligent Compaction (IC) advice and implementation support which includes:

  • Development of IC implementation plans including:
    • Resources/personnel/timelines
    • Cost / benefit analysis
    • How to specify IC into the design
    • Appropriate field project selection
    • Protocol for project planning to ensure time on site for pilot and full field projects is effective and efficient with clear activities, roles, responsibilities and communications.
    • Protocol for data management to ensure IC and associated data and derivative files are properly collected, stored, managed and reported. This includes checklists and standard forms.
    • IC system lease and procurement requirements /maintenance plan
    • Alignment of pavement design parameters (modulus), IC outcomes (stiffness / modulus indication) and testing regimes (field and laboratory)
    • Training plan to grow in-house IC project management and technical capability
  • High-level IC awareness workshops for executives and senior managers
  • Onsite mid-level IC training for project managers and supervisors
    • Understanding IC technologies
    • Integration of IC outcomes (stiffness / modulus indication) and testing regimes (field and laboratory)
    • In-house project planning and data management protocols
  • Onsite low-level IC training for field construction crew
    • Hands-on exercise and case studies with the Veta software
    • IC equipment training
  • Pilot field projects with onsite IC support
    • Renting IC equipment/system (evaluation of vendor proposals)
    • Collecting and reviewing field data results
    • Troubleshooting
    • Executive reporting
    • Implementation plan adjustment (if necessary)
  • Full field projects with onsite and/or remote IC support
    • Procurement of IC equipment/system (requirements refinement and evaluation of vendor proposals)
    • Collecting and reviewing field data results
    • Troubleshooting
    • Executive reporting
    • Implementation plan adjustment (if necessary)
  • Establishment of in-house database for IC
    • Optimised IC applications for different types of materials and construction layer thickness, etc.
  • IC technical specification development/refinement/review for asphalt and soils

In May 2018, Insitu Test organised the first ever one day workshop on Intelligent Compaction in Australia; Intelligent Compaction: Working Towards Achieving Compaction Uniformity. The event attracting over 150 participants from contractors,  road authorities, industry bodies, design consultants, geotechnical testing specialists, universities and OEM roller / IC retrofit kit manufacturers and distributors.