Plate Load Test – Glossary & FAQ (static deformation modulus)

What is the AX01 plate diameter? The AX01 is supplied with a 300mm plate but 600mm and 762mm plates are also available.

What is the AX01 hydraulic jack capacity? The AX01 is supplied with a 10 Tonnes capacity jack but a jack with 20 Tonnes capacity is also available.

Ev1 – static deformation modulus or strain modulus of the first loading cycle for the bearing capacity

Ev2 – static deformation modulus or strain modulus of the second loading cycle for the bearing capacity

The ratio Ev2/Ev1 is a figure for the compaction level

Ev2 and Evd relationship – the relationship between the strain modulus Ev2, measured by the static plate load test, and the dynamic deformation modulus Evd depends on the kind of soil and the degree of compaction.

Experience shows that the ratio Ev2/Evd lies in the range 1.0 to 4.

For densely compacted soils Ev2/Evd ~ 2.3

On average the following relation between the dynamic deformation modulus Evd, and the strain modulus Ev2, can be used:

This relation does not hold for limiting values.

The maximum pressures under the load plate are as follows:

Jacking Capacity100kN (10T)200kN (20T)
Plate Diameter300mm Plate600mm Plate762mm Plate300mm Plate600mm Plate762mm Plate
Max Bearing Capacity (MPA)
Max Bearing Capacity (KPA)14153542192830707439

The Plate Load Test is also known by a number of different names that include:

  • Static load plate bearing tester
  • Static plate bearing test
  • Plate bearing test
  • Plate bearing tester
  • Static plate test
  • Static plate bearing test
  • Static plate load test
  • AX01