Plate Bearing Test Anix AX01 Research Papers

Relationship between surged reaction modulus and the strain modulus obtained using a plate loading test – High Speed Rail – Dae Sang Kim & Seong Yong Park

Comparative Studies between the Plate Load Test (PLT) and other Devices

Best practice in compaction quality assurance for pavement and subgrade materials – National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACOE) –¬†Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) – P60

The research included the Zorn Light Weight Deflectometer, the Anix Instrumented Plate Load Test and PANDA Instrumented DCP.

NACOE Advanced methods for compaction quality control 2018 June Webinar – Part 1Advanced methods for compaction quality control – Webinar 26 June 2018 – Part 1

Best Practice in Compaction QA for Pavement and Subgrade Materials Year 1 Report Jeffrey Lee, David Lacey & Burk Look NACOE P60 QLD DTMR, Australia Aug 2017
NACOE Advanced Methods for Compaction Quality Control – June 2018 Webinar – Part 1 (Webinar Slides)